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Complete set for erecting 25 glass blocks / 1m2 in dimensions 190 x 190 x 80 mm of the BASIC series. The joint between the blocks is 10 mm after steaming (glass blocks are not part of the package). The assembly system is intended for the installation of blocks in interiors. The package set contains: 60 x profile, 36 x crosses.
Weight 0.5 kg
Height 0 mm
Length 0 mm
Width 0 mm

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Pros and cons:
  • easy material shopping - everything you need in one package
  • fast assembly
  • easy installation process
  • fixed space between the blocks (5mm before jointing)
  • suitable only for interiors
  • higher installation costs
  • not sold individually - package for 1 m2 of glass blocks
  • can be used only for glass blocks with dimensions of 190x190x80, 190x94x80 and 190x90x80 mm in Basic and Design line
What you need:
  • Vitralock system
1. Prepare the surface

Make sure that the area on which we will build is level. If we are building next to a wall, the surface must form an angle of at least 90° with the wall.

2. Prepare the base

We connect the profiles using crosses so that they describe the floor plan of the building area. If necessary, we will adjust the crosses. Then we screw the base to the ground in the marked places.

3. Lay blocks

We lay the blocks so that there are profiles and crosses between them, according to the video below. To complete the construction, it is necessary to leave a space of at least 40 millimeters above the last row to insert the top row of profiles and crosses.

4. Grouting

Finally, we patch up the gaps between the blocks. You can use quick-drying mortar. If you are building in a humid environment, such as bathroom, we recommend using silicone instead.

5. Cleaning

We will clean the construction with a sponge. If we used quick-drying mortar, clean the structure with a moist cloth.


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