Basic and Design blocks are not recommended to be combined in one wall. Basic blocks are about 1 mm larger than Design blocks on each side and the difference is also in the colour shade. The blocks of the Design series offer several possible combinations of patterns and dimensions than the blocks of the Basic series. On the contrary, the blocks of the Basic series are more affordable and are therefore more preferred on large construction sites.

No, they cannot be installed on the same wall.

Yes, we also have blocks with thickness of 5cm, 10cm and 16cm in the Technology Line.

Yes, standard 190 x 190 x 80 mm blocks have E60 fire resistance. Of course, we also offer special fireproof glass blocks that have these parameters higher. These blocks are available in the Technology Line.


Glass block walls are joined with cement mortar (Glassfix). To create the same joints between the cubes, spacers are used, which create the same joints in the horizontal and vertical directions. In conclusion, when the wall is already dry, the spacer crosses are jointed with a flexible jointing compound or Glassfix again.
The so-called Quicktech dry assembly is becoming more and more popular. It is suitable for the installation of glass block walls in interiors. The advantage is simple and fast assembly while maintaining a minimum gap between the blocks. In the end, the partitions built in this way are paired and are indistinguishable from the traditionally built glass block partition.

Spacers are used to define the joints between the glass blocks in both horizontal and vertical directions. The spacers remain between the blocks even after the mortar has hardened, only the protruding plastic surfaces are being removed. Several types of spacers are produced, from 2 mm (for Design blocks) 5 mm, 10 mm up to a joint of 16 mm.

Yes, 6 mm corrosion-treated comb steel, is used as standard. Larger diameters can also be used, but then larger spacers must be used to create them.

Glassfix is a special compound developed for joining and jointing glass blocks designed for interior and exterior. It is available in two packages of 5 and 25 kg, in white. Yield is approx. 18 - 19 kg per 1 m2 of glass blocks also with grouting.

Shipping and returns

As we have one of the largest warehouses in Central Europe, we deliver most orders on a turnover basis. If the selected assortment is not in stock in Bernolákovo, delivery takes approximately 10 business days. Delivery also depends on the state of the warehouse in the production plants.