Use of Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on your computer which are saved when you visit The use of cookies is not dangerous. They cannot transmit viruses or read data from your computer’s hard drive. Above all, they improve the functionality of the website.

What we save

We use cookies to save only anonymous data that is not linked to you personally in any way and we do not engage in any client identification.

We store the following types of data:

Data necessary for the proper functioning of the website

These cookies store information used to provide basic functions such as your language selection or correct navigation around the site. These cookies are processed by GlasBau servers.

Analytical data

To improve the experience that our website offers, we need statistics about visits and the behaviour of visitors to the site. We track this information using analytical tools that work with anonymised statistical data.

Data for personalising the user experience

This information helps us to understand the purpose of your visit and your behaviour on the site, and to offer content that meets your needs. Such information allows the design, navigation or functionality of the website to be updated to enable you to reach the information you are looking for as fast as possible.

The way we work with the stored information is all governed by our Privacy Policy.

Analytical and marketing tools used on

Google Analytics, Hotjar.